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How to Buy Our NFTs

To buy our NFTs simply follow the steps below:

Metamask is a Crypto-Currency and NFT wallet that you can use to login to NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and it is also where you will send your Ethereum to, so you can use it purchase NFTs from. A Metamask wallet can be used to both hold your Ethereum based Crypto-Currencies, NFTs, and as well to log in to all Ethereum based NFT marketplaces. Metamask is needed in order to log in to any of these NFT marketplaces in order to buy, sell, trade and create your own NFTs. You can download Metamask from their official website here.

Then visit coinbase.com to buy some Ethereum following the steps on the Coinbase to buying Ethereum. It’s very easy and you can visit their official website here.

Visit opensea.io/hexagonica and search for your favorite NFT from us and click on it. When you’re on the page you will see “Buy Now” and “Make Offer“. Click on “Buy Now” and you will see the NFT pop up with the current list price and click the checkbox agreeing to OpenSeas Terms of Service and click Checkout. Your Metamask wallet will pop up and then you can buy the NFT. You will pay for the NFT + Gas Fee.

A Gas Fee is necessary in order for the NFT to transfer and process through the Ethereum network & blockchain and enter your wallet. A Gas Fee never goes to us or OpenSea or any other NFT marketplace as it is just simply for the network itself.

You can also Buy NFTs with a Credit Card. Using Moonpay on OpenSea, when you click “Buy Now” and “Checkout” you can click “Add Funds With Credit Card” to buy some Ethereum with a Credit Card and buy NFTs with that.

Always make sure to buy a little more Ethereum than the price of the NFT itself for the Gas Fee. Gas is also called “Gwei” and isn’t a fee that ever goes to anyone as it is only used by the blockchain itself to transfer your NFT and Ethereum from wallet to wallet. Gas can vary but if you don’t have enough Ethereum in your wallet to cover gas, you can just simply go and get more Ethereum for gas, you won’t be charged until you have the full amount needed to pay for the NFT + Gas Fee. You can check the price of gas (Gwei) here on etherscan.io, a website that has all the information on all Ethereum network and blockchain transactions of all sorts.

A good method is to observe for a good 24-48 hours how the Gas (Gwei) runs and how the price fluctuates from different times of the day to very high to very low and see when the lowest times are and buy the NFT then. After a while of trading and buying NFTs you will get a sense of how much Ethereum to get when wanting to buy an NFT.

Gas Fees

Gas Fees are just simply fees you must pay in order to Buy, Sell and Transfer an NFT. This isn’t a fee that ever goes to anyone or us, but the network itself in order to be able to process your transaction in a timely manner. You can adjust the Gas Fee in your wallet to be lower but it will take a longer time than the default Gas Fee options.

Hot Wallets vs. Cold Wallets (What are their Pros & Cons? And why you need a Cold Storage Hardware Wallet):

Hot Wallets

Hot Wallets are Crypto-Currency and NFT wallets that contain the Seed Phrase inside of the wallet, app and browser extension itself so the seed phrase is essentially online. One of the most important things that you (AND ONLY YOU) should know and keep written down, is your seed phrase, and keep it in a safe place always. This is because if you suddenly lose even your entire computer or device that you use Metamask on, you can recover your entire crypto account with just the seed phrase alone. This is why it’s so important to NEVER EVER SHARE YOUR SEED PHRASE FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Sorry for yelling…

It is always best recommended to move your assets into a Cold Storage Hardware Wallet.

Cold Wallets

Cold Wallets are Crypto-Currency and NFT wallets that are a physical device and wallet that holds your seed phrase on the device itself. This means that your Seed Phrase is always safe, always truly remains offline and that no one can ever access your Crypto-Currencies and NFTs. Each device is fully encrypted as best as it can possibly be in order to ensure that even when you plug it into your computer to send and receive Crypto-Currencies that the seed phrase is very difficult to access. There are two main companies called Ledger and Trezor which both have great devices that both can hold Ethereum based NFTs.