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3D Metaverse Collectibles

Welcome to our 3D Animated NFT Metaverse Collectibles Store. These are Fully 3D Animated NFTs that display beautifully in 100% real-time. These will fully display in 3D in your Web3 OnCyber.io Pods, metaverse Art Galleries, Spatial.io Metaverse Houses, Art Galleries, and more. Customize your Digital homes and art galleries today with our fully custom and handmade 3D Metaverse Homewares and Collectibles. Buy an Official Hexagonica 3D NFT here.


Please visit our online Showroom to see these 3D NFTs in action here:

3D Metaverse Collectibles (oncyber.io)

“We’re like the Ikea of the Metaverse except no assembly is required.”
– Us

Collection Curated by: Hexagonica Art Studios & Gallery, 2022+. Artwork Created by: Soheil Roshan (Apex Shift), 2022+.